Brent Spiner and me at BIPB Brent Spiner and me at BIPB’s 10th anniversary #drivenbydata Summit image copyright José Farinha

In June 2015 I stepped down as CEO of BIPB, a company I had spent the previous five years developing. One of the key initiatives I instigated at BIPB was the #drivenbydata Summit (www.drivenbydata.co) – an event designed to provoke the questions which the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence industry rarely ask (at least not publically).

My final event with BIPB was in March 2015 when we were fortunate enough to have Brent Spiner join us, the actor famous for playing the character ‘Lt Commander Data’ in the Star Trek TV and movie franchise.

Many thanks to our film production crew (https://www.houseofopendoors.com/), especially my good friend Erasmus Talbot for compiling these outtakes into a leaving gift for me! I’ll forever be #astoundedbydata

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