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Posts by Charles Radclyffe

Learning Machines – How Computers Got Smart

According to The Royal Society, only 9% of respondents have heard about Machine Learning, yet when faced with the impact this technology can have – it’s something 100% of us have a view on. It seems every conversation on Artificial Intelligence comes back to Philosophy – read this to see why…

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Ethical and Social Challenges for Machine Learning

Who are the potential winners and losers from the Machine Learning Age? The dataPHILOSOPHER was asked to give evidence to The Royal Society as part of their policy project on Machine Learning. Read more to see more details on this project and the areas of focus for Policy Makers and their advisers.

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Why don’t cars work like computers?

All cars are the same… or are they? Why are those little differences between vehicles that get in the way of you keeping your eyes fixed on the road? Why has the auto-industry only embraced a limited form of standardisation in the design of cars?

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